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The Parallel Reality

The most interesting aspect of Brexit for me is how exactly the divide between two halves of the country goes. In two years there is virtually no change in public opinion. Ok, to be fare, the may be a little change depending on one’s reading preferences. But as such the scale of the change is soo small that it is not possible to say that one side has been winning decisively.

It is also difficult to find strong correlations between support for Brexit and factors like education, income, social status, party support etc. In a particular area there may be such correlations, but they breaks apart elsewhere in the country.

My “theory” is that the separation line is defined not by the current state of some aspect of life, but rather by the change of the state. In the past 30...35 years there has been a monumental shift in the relationship between one’s status in the traditional socio-political structure and the actual quality of one’s life. To live a truly comfortable life now does not require to be a part of the elite. To be able to give your children a good education does not require to be rich. And so on. Your status in the traditional British imperial hierarchy is still something you can either inherit by birth or have to pay huge money for. However, there is a parallel reality, the other Britain, where one can achieve all necessary attributes purely based on personal merits and without been educated in Eton.

That “parallel” Britain does not have a strong political representation, but it does not give a damm about it as long as the other Britain leave them alone. The problem is that the “others” do not want to do so. And that unwillingness to share the space and the time is the core of Brexit.

Best Public Space Award

We've just come from four days in Munich. Four days of very intensive walking and looking around.  I now, without any doubt, can say that Munich has the best designed and maintained public space and city transit system.  It beats with a huge margin any other place I have ever been to.