jnuk (jnuk) wrote,

Brexit: three years later

It's been almost three years since the referendum. I'm just making this note for myself to remember my thoughts.

In short, I have to say without any false modesty, that I was 100% right about how it all would go after the referendum. I am not talking about small details, but rather about the general picture. Even the fact that after three years and many eyeopening developments and revelation the country is still divided more or less 50:50.

I can hardly find anything positive about B, but I think in one respect it has been creating a sort of momentum in the right direction. That is a direction where the society and the country's politics are moving away from a false (IMO) notion of achieving some sort of national unity. But how is it possible if 50% of the country want to destroy something that another 50% relay upon and does not offer anything in return. And there are class differences big way. Not a popular subject nowadays, but they do exist and govern the country as much as ever.
Tags: democracy, eu, history, politics, uk
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