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Последние несколько недель меня сильно удивили. Я не думал, что в моем возрасте меня события в бывшем СССР могут не просто удивить, но скорее шокировать. Я о происходящем в Белоруссии. Сообщения о том как власть буриться с протестами меня шокировали так, как не случалось практически никогда в последние 20 лет. Ни 9/11, ни Украина, ни Крым не произвели на меня такое впечатление как кадры полицейских или как они там называются заталкивающих женщин в фургоны и бьющих всех подарят палками. Не то чтобы я этого не видел раньше, но сочетание того где это происходит и к кому эта жестокость применяется.
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Our Prime Minister has got into a minor road accident. Nothing serious.

This forced the lead car in the convoy to brake suddenly causing the escorting vehicle to collide with the saloon car carrying Mr Johnson.
A large dent was seen in the prime minister's Jaguar as the convoy drove off towards Downing Street.

The interesting fact is this. The car's reg number is AR11EYT and it is recorded in the DVLA database. The car is quite old, 9 years, and has done over 85000 miles.
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Beginning of the future

A very interesting news. I really think it is the real beginning of a kind of the future I personally exited about.
On the 6th of April Trump “Executive Order on Encouraging International Support for the Recovery and Use of Space Resources”

“ Uncertainty regarding the right to recover and use space resources, including the extension of the right to commercial recovery and use of lunar resources, however, has discouraged some commercial entities from participating in this enterprise. Questions as to whether the 1979 Agreement Governing the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (the “Moon Agreement”) establishes the legal framework for nation states concerning the recovery and use of space resources have deepened this uncertainty, particularly because the United States has neither signed nor ratified the Moon Agreement. In fact, only 18 countries have ratified the Moon Agreement, including just 17 of the 95 Member States of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Moreover, differences between the Moon Agreement and the 1967 Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies — which the United States and 108 other countries have joined — also contribute to uncertainty regarding the right to recover and use space resources.

Americans should have the right to engage in commercial exploration, recovery, and use of resources in outer space, consistent with applicable law. Outer space is a legally and physically unique domain of human activity, and the United States does not view it as a global commons. Accordingly, it shall be the policy of the United States to encourage international support for the public and private recovery and use of resources in outer space, consistent with applicable law. ”